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Oasis Network ($ROSE)

Oasis Network is the leading privacy-enabled and scalable layer-1 blockchain network to propel Web3 forward.
It ensures open finance and a responsible data economy. Its architecture and high capacity ensure the privacy and scalability of DeFi-products, helping users own and monetize their personal data.
Decentralized finance, or DeFi, uses emerging technology to remove third parties in financial transactions. The components of DeFi are stablecoins, software, and hardware that enables the development of applications.

How to Easily Stake Oasis Network (ROSE) in SAVL Wallet

This is a step by step guide on how to easily stake Oasis Network (ROSE) using Savl Mobile App.
Savl is a non-custodial mobile wallet for managing and trading crypto assets available across all mobile OS.
Presently, It supports only Solana (SOL) and Oasis Network (ROSE) staking.

Installing SAVL Wallet

Visit the official website, choose the appropriate store according to your mobile OS, or scan the QR code to install the app.

Create a Wallet

After installation, Open the app, follow through the on screen instructions, agree to the Terms of Use and move on to creating a new wallet.

Generate recovery phrase

Tap the button severally to generate your secret recovery phrase
Keep your recovery phrase safe and do not share with anyone. Your recovery phrase is the only way to restore access to your digital assets in event data loss.

Set your Six (6) digit secured pin and complete your profile

Add the Oasis Network to Your Wallet

Toggle to the Wallets tab, click the +Add button to add the Oasis wallet.

Enable Oasis Network Wallet

In the search field, type "Oasis" and enable the wallet for the Oasis Network.

Fund your Oasis Wallet

Fund your wallet through any applicable means convenient with you. You could fund through the P2P Market, Debit/Credit Card, or any trusted third party. etc.
A peer-to-peer or P2P marketplace is an online platform that connects people in need of a product temporarily with people who have that product, but are not using it. Through a P2P marketplace, people can rent out a product in exchange of money or a similar product only for the time they need it.
Upon activating the wallet, top it up to proceed with staking.
Find Oasis Network among active wallets on the main screen and copy your wallet address to fund it by sending ROSE from the exchange account or another wallet.

Staking ROSE

After successfully funding your wallet, proceed with staking.

Choose a Validator

After clicking on the STAKE ROSE button, several list of validators pop-up, scroll down and select Strata One
Why You Should Join Strata One Community!
At Strata One we believe we all are STAKEholders and as such success is mutual.
To that end, for the year 2022 we currently do not charge any commissions on your earnings.
Furthermore, considering we live in a dynamic world with varying factors posing several challenges to business environment.
We solemnly pledge to our happy delegators that in the face of any eventualities Strata One wouldn't charge over 5% commission annually. .

Select Strata One to delegate your ROSE.

Enter desired amount to stake , Tap Continue.

The minimum staking amount is 100 ROSE
Confirm your transaction, and congratulations on your staking.