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Sentinel Network $DVPN

How to stake Setinel $DVPN with strataOne
What is Sentinel Network?
Sentinel dVPN is the native token of the world’s first provably decentralized VPN (Virtual Private Network). As the VPN industry continues to blossom growing at a rate of %15 annually with a projection of the industry reaching a global market cap of $75 billion by 2030, Sentinel is helping users on its ecosystem capitalize on this growth with a staking opportunity.
How to stake Sentinel $DVPN on Kepler Wallet

1. Go to the Sentinel staking page, Which you can easily access by clicking this link

Sentinel on Google Chrome showing the amount of Sentinel on keplr wallet

2. Choose StrataOne as your validator and Click on Manage

You can either do this by scrolling down in the list until you find our logo StrataOne in shades of yellow and black. Once you've found it, click manage on the right side

3. Choose the amount you wish to delegate

Once you've clicked on delegate, you will see this screen:
Step 4; Click on Approve to confirm stake
You have now successfully staked your DVPN tokens!