Strata One
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Persistence Network $XPRT

How to stake $XPRT with Strata One

What is Persistence

Persistence is a Tendermint-based Layer-1 blockchain created with a goal to become a liquid staking hub within the PoS space and unlock liquidity of staked assets via the pSTAKE application. The Persistence's ecosystem of decentralized applications is set to accrue value to XPRT, a native Persistence token. XPRT holders can passively earn more XPRT by delegating them to a validator.

What Is Keplr Wallet

Keplr is a browser extension wallet for inter-blockchain ecosystems. The wallet is designed for compatibility with Cosmos’s IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol). It allows users to move digital assets back and forth across numerous chains.
  • 500 000+ users downloaded the Keplr extension.
  • Keplr is available in over 170 countries.
  • Available for IOS and Android.
It’s an open-source browser extension wallet for the Cosmos interchain ecosystem that provides the most flexible and versatile account management and wallet functionalities for all Cosmos SDK-based blockchains.
Let’s now get acquainted with the Keplr Wallet and figure out how to install it, create a wallet, and stake XPRT tokens.

Installing Keplr Wallet

Visit the official website, choose the appropriate store according to your mobile OS, or scan the QR code to install the app.
The Keplr Wallet is available in the Google Chrome store.
pictorial view of Keplr wallet on App store.

Create a Wallet

After installation, Open the app, follow through the on screen instructions, agree to the Terms of Use and move on to creating a new wallet
Creating a wallet in Keplr is quite simple. This can be done in four ways:
  • Using a Google account;
  • Using a seed phrase;
  • Importing an existing wallet;
  • Importing information via Ledger hardware wallet.

Create a New Keplr Wallet

On the start page, select and click Create new account.
Click on create new mnemonic
Write down the seed phrase shown on the screen on paper or some other reliable offline medium, while maintaining the sequence. Do not take a screenshot, copy or store the mnemonic password digitally, because this is not secure. You can switch between 12 and 24 word seeds as you like: the more words, the less likely hackers will be able to come up with a reserve phrase.
Then come up with a name for the wallet and set a strong password. After entering all the details, click Next.
Note: if you are a beginner, ignore the option Advanced (for advanced users).
write down and save your password phrase.
Fill in the blocks with the words of the mnemonic phrase in the same sequence that you wrote them down on paper. If everything is entered correctly, the Register button is activated — click on it.
Click on Done to continue
Ready! Click Done to complete the wallet creation process.
wallet is set

How to Add Persistence $XPRT to Keplr Wallet

click on the top left
click on persistence to add network.

How to stake $XPRT using Keplr wallet

This is a step by step guide on how to easily stake Persistence Network $XPRT using Keplr wallet.
Top up your wallet in any way available to you. If you do not have XPRT tokens, you can buy them on centralized and decentralized exchanges, the list of which can be found on the Coinmarketcap website.

Staking Persistence $XPRT

Persistence tokens can be staked using the Keplr App. Here’s how. Run the application. A dashboard will open where you can track your staking progress and collect rewards after staking tokens.
Available $XPRT was successfully deposited, as shown above.
search for Strata one
click on stake, the search for strata one to delegate.
click on stake
Input the amount to be delegated or staked
confirmation of a successful transaction.
Once staking is successful you can see the staked $XPRT in the staking section of your wallet.
3 $XPRT successfully staked on your keplr wallet