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How to stake on XPLA Network on Strata One

All About Staking on XPLA/Frequently Asked Questions

XPLA ('Explore and Play') is a proof-of-stake, Cosmos-based, gaming-specific L1 developed by Metamagnet in collaboration with its primary partner, the Com2uS Group, one of Korea's leading public gaming companies. C2X, a blockchain gaming platform, was also created by Metamagnet. While C2X will remain a gaming platform, XPLA intends to be a gaming mainnet that serves as a center for any third-party studio to make games and create media content. Game developers can quickly transition their Web2 creations to Web3 using the XPLA SDK.
What is XPLA?
The native staking token of the XPLA Chain. XPLA is also used as a governance token. Delegators can stake XPLA to receive rewards.
What is Staking?
When XPLA holders delegate their XPLA to a validator, they are staking. Staking increases a validator’s weight, which helps them, and in return, delegators get rewarded.
Who Owns XPLA?
Staked XPLA never leaves the possession of the delegator. Even though it can’t be traded freely, staked XPLA is never owned by a validator.
How Long does XPLA stay before Unbonding?
The unbonding process takes 21 days to complete. During this period, the unbonding XPLA can’t be traded, and no staking rewards accrue.
What Does it Mean to Redeligate?
Redelegating instantly sends staked XPLA from one validator to another. Instead of waiting for the 21-day unstaking period, a user can redelegate their staked XPLA at any time using XPLA Vault’s redelegate function.
Here you can find all of XPLA's social networks and channels at the links below:
Stake your XPLA to a validator to start earning rewards. Before you stake, make sure you have XPLA in your wallet. You can transfer XPLA from an exchange.
  1. 1.
    Open XPLA Vault and click Stake.
  1. 2.
    `Select a Validator and click on their name in the Moniker column of the validator list.
  2. 3.
    In the My delegations section, click Delegate. A new window will appear.
  1. 4.
    In the Amount field, specify the amount of XPLA you want to delegate.
  1. 4.
    Double check the amounts and fees. Enter your password and click Submit.
Congratulations, you’ve just delegated XPLA!
Always keep some coins to pay fees with. Never stake your entire wallet amount. Without money for fees, you can’t make any transactions.